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Payment Gateway

Urpays for daily payments, groceries and online shopping.

QR Code

Scan QR code and process the payment.

Utility payments

Simple payment for: traffic fines, municipalities & TAX authorities, water supplier, insurance and electricity.


Provides a forum to anyone with an idea to investors or donors.

Money transfer

Send money to your relatives and friends faster, cheaper and simpler.

Payment Gateway.

Urpays for daily payments, groceries and online shopping.Payment gateway is the technology that captures and transfers payment data from the customer to the acquirer and then transfers the payment acceptance or decline back to the customer.

How it works?

A payment gateway validates the customer’s card details securely, ensures the funds are available and eventually enables merchants to get paid. It acts as an interface between a merchant’s website and its acquirer. It encrypts sensitive credit card details, ensuring that information is passed securely from the customer to the acquiring bank, via the merchant. In other words, the payment gateway works as the middleman between your customer and the merchant, ensuring the transaction is carried out securely and promptly.


An online payment gateway can simplify how merchants integrate the necessary software. As the middleman during the payment processing, the gateway manages the customer’s sensitive card details between the acquirer and the merchant.Client-side encryption, also known as encryption-at-source refers to encrypting sensitive on the client-side device before sending it to the merchant’s server. This enables the merchant to simplify your PCI compliance requirements.


Crowdfunding is creating the opportunity for entrepreneurs to raise hundreds of thousands or millions of euros from anyone with money to invest. Crowdfunding provides a forum in our platform to anyone with an idea to pitch it in front of waiting investors.One of the more amusing projects to receive funding was from an individual who wanted to create a new water bottle. His fundraising goal was €1,000, but he raised more than €15,000 from 911 backers. Investors can select from hundreds of projects and invest as little as €10.Our crowdfunding site generate revenue from a percentage of the funds raised.

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